Orthogonal Confluence

Matthew Word Bain
2 min readNov 22, 2021
©Matthew Word Bain

In late August I was running low on photographs. One way or another I had not had as many incidental opportunities to seek out images, leading to a need to seek out intentional opportunities instead.

I had an unexpected chance to do just that one warm afternoon, as the weather overnight had cleared up my schedule for the whole day. I went on a wander and eventually found myself at the confluence of the Maury with the James River. This place is dear to me, having been the launch site of many memorable water journeys some decades back.

I had the place to myself on this weekday excursion, save for several folks out for a walk. The weather was gorgeous and the light was divine. There was that settled feeling of late summer, when the worst of the heat is over and you can feel the earth breathing a little easier after baking for the past few months.

I used two different cameras and three lenses, but the images (including this one) made with the adapted CCTV lens may be my favorites. I’m still learning to use this lens, and this afternoon in particular a few things clicked in my understanding of how best to dance with it for the sorts of images I want to make.

Expect some more prose over the next couple weeks, as I have been slowly exploring my voice in that form. Poetry will eventually supplant this prose once more, and will also be interspersed along the way.

Matthew Word Bain

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